Poker platform


Active Poker’s platform is powered by Ongame P5, a game engine designed specifically for online poker gaming.

Why choose Ongame?

  • The Italian market has currently only 4 platforms offering a liquidity greater than 10% of the market, and Ongame is the only available for b2b and not linked in the offer with any other games. Your supplier will not be a competitor.
  • Ongame is a company solely dedicated to b2b Poker online for several years with a large development team, and knows what is important for a b2b customer.
  • Ongame P5 was conceived with a very solid and modern architecture based on what we believe should be the 4 key points in a poker platform:
    • Adaptable to legislation changes
    • Scalable – Increased capacity w/o exponential investments
    • Modular – Easy integration
    • Stable – Never worry about downtime.
    • Ongame help you to reach all your potential customers:
    • Istant and download
    • Available on Mobile
    • Apple and Android compatible

Moreover, we add our network managing philosophy to the poker platform, based on one simple point: We have to help our clients to be profitable:

  • Work to reduce costs that can be more important than the platform cost itself, i.e. reducing the overlay;
  • Help marketing the product, i.e. through the new instant reward function that allows instant personalized promotions.
  • Help increasing profits, through tournament and cash scheduling, and a rake policy that meets customers’ needs and suit to the local market.

Instant Rewards enables easy set-up of incentives for casual players and payout in real-time based on his/her actions at the poker table:

  • Increase loyalty by creating incentives.
  • Increase profits by generating more game play.
  • Turn-key ready with no start-up costs.
  • Player messaging in client with mobile support.
  • Real-time payout of cash or tickets.

Last but not least, we have what we consider the most advanced ecosystem management available. We strongly believe that an unbalanced ecosystem is the enemy number one of poker success. Having no owned b2c business to support, and no other interest than our customers’ success we recently implemented an end-to-end policy. This policy protects our customers not just when problems arise but aims to prevent difficult situations that in regulated countries cannot be easily solved:

  • customer selection – rakeback companies are not admitted.
  • a detailed internal policy to be signed, based on three years of experience in Italy.
  • monthly indicators to determine key indexes we developed, allowing to send warnings and suggestions much before the problem arises.
  • actions and sanctions.